Our Father Prayer

One of the most famous and well known scriptures is what Christendom likes to call the ” Our Father Prayer,” and it is found at Mathew chapter 6 verse 9 and 10 and it reads, ” You must pray then this way’ ” Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.” A few points of this model prayer are this; Notice where the Father was at the time this prayer was being offered up. He was not on earth standing next to them was he? The Scripture says that he was in heaven !! ” Our Father in the heavens !!! Jesus was not offering up the prayer to someone on earth was he ??? For instance himself like some teach ??? Some teach that he was speaking of himself in the third person, really !! No, the prayer was being offered to a totally different person, in a far away place. The next point is, ” Let your name be sanctified ” which means, to set apart for sacred use, to make holy. the key point here is, “Let your name be Holy”, there was a name associated with this prayer and it was to be considered Holy. What do you think that name was ??? Could it be the name of the person to whom the prayer was to be directed ??? The prayer was to be directed to someone in the heavens, right ?? Jesus was standing right in front of them, so it was not himself he was talking about, this was no time to be cute, funny, or misleading, if Jesus had wanted his followers to pray to him, he would of plainly and clearly told them so, but HE DID NOT, he directed their prayers to someone else. Who was this person and what is his name, that we were instructed to save apart for sacred use ???? The next point in this model prayer given by Jesus to his disciples mentions this, ” Let your Kingdom come “. Here is that word again, Kingdom. It was the theme of Jesus’s preaching, he always pointed toward the kingdom. We are being taught here to pray for it, for it to come, that must mean that it was NOT already there, but reserved for the future, but by means that it already was assigned a title ( kingdom ) it must already be considered a reality. The next point is this, While the scriptures point out that Jesus was to be the King in that kingdom, here he speaks of it as belonging to someone else, ” Let YOUR kingdom come. ” he says. Not let my kingdom come!!! The next point is this, ” Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth . ” By saying, let your will take place, Jesus was once again pointing out the will of someone else other than himself, and by the mere mention of it, could indicate that the will of that person was not at that time being done completely, and the prayer was a pleading for the will to be done. And he mentions an example of where the will was being carried out, the heavens, the pleading was for that same will to be carried out on earth. For Gods will to be carried out on earth, and since this kingdom did not exist on earth at that moment, this was for a future fulfillment, but for any fulfillment to be executed toward the earth, the earth has to be here. And having Gods Kingdom on earth, would certainly mean, that he most likely would not have a kingdom that was scorched out and destroyed would he ??? And also would not his established kingdom on earth need subjects ???? If everyone were to go to either Heaven or Hell, who would be left on earth to be the subjects of Gods Kingdom. ??? What if the scripture meant exactly how it is read !!!!