Like A Jig Saw Puzzle

Someone once asked me to say in two words, what the true religion was. In their innocence, they did not understand that the entire concept of religion, is not only untrue at it’s core, but is the epitome of evil. This whole idea of religion was never God’s idea, the concept of religion was established by the enemy of God, to mislead mankind, and the angels who would listen to it. Let me ask you a question, what religion is God? What religion was Christ? We know that Jesus was from the Jewish nation, but we also know, that he said that he came to end the Jewish System of things, to complete the law covenant given to Moses by God. I cannot sum up the true faith of God in two words, but Jesus came close to summing up the qualities of God with three words, “God Is Love”. Try to conceptualize the knowledge and understanding of God as a large jig saw puzzle, whereby every piece that you put into place, helps you to see the big picture clearer.

As I present to you scriptures, with an explanation of their meanings, with each passing word and day, things will become clearer and easier to understand. 2+2 is not a complete understanding of mathematics, but it is certainly the beginning. This I can promise you, that the easiest thing that you will ever learn in your entire life, is the knowledge about God, and you will not be tested. I promise, that learning about the bible, is the simplest thing you will ever do. Just follow along as we unfold the greatest book ever written, and the greatest story ever told. Let the truths you find here, sink down into your heart, and flood your mind, and then when God examines your heart and mind, as he does every man on earth, he will find his words in your memory.

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